The Volunteer Work Bench

Volunteer Tables are for people who are doing something … making and repairing furniture, cutting fabric for a quilt, teaching a class, handling material for projects and hobbies, making repairs in the garage or shed, marketing products in a store, entertaining, displaying a train set, using as a potting table, tailgating, portable work station when remodeling or painting, you name it…it will volunteer for anything.

Volunteer Tables have solid wood frames, durable work surfaces, two shelves, and are attractive both in and out of use. Each Volunteer Table has a melamine countertop and shelves which are shaped and protectively trimmed for easy handling. Volunteer Tables offer heavy load capacities and ample storage. There are two standard models: the Portable Individual and the large Craft Table.


The Volunteer Table was born from volunteering. Jeffrey Saarela ( developed the stand while teaching children to restore a grand piano at a church choir school in St. Paul, Minnesota. The stand provided a durable workbench and a convenient storage stand between classes. Improvements such as fitted countertops and shelves, portbability, hardware for easy reassembly and the dual height frame have followed.

Volunteer Tables business goals are to be locally produced, dedicating five percent of profits toward children’s music education.



Volunteer Tables are easy to assemble.  Wide flathead bolts screw to inserts embedded in the solid hardwood rungs and are secured with an Allen wrench (included).  The countertop frame is fitted to match the perimeter of the stand in either an upright or side position.  The shelves underside frames rest inside the stand when the frame is in the upright position.  There is no shelf support when the frame is in the side position yet the shelves are sized to be neatly contained.  The four components of the assembled Volunteer:  frame, countertop and shelves are easy to move around and use in a variety of ways.  When the tables are stored or in the transport position, the countertop and shelves lock together creating a safe storage compartment for disassembled frame parts.  There is a carrying handle and removable casters with the Portable model. Gluing the frame pieces together gives permanence and sturdiness if portability/storage is not desired.   You can order individualized post height for both models and an extra set of posts for the Craft table for personal standing tasks. The Portable fits in most vehicles.  The Portable is an excellent cutting table for quilters.

UsesUses 2


  • Quilting/cutting table
  • Workshop and garage
  • Storage
  • Arts and crafts
  • Display
  • Worksites
  • Kitchen and Entertaining
  • Classroom and Dorms
  • Cabin and Tailgating
  • General home and business use



Portable Volunteer:

  • 36” upright height
  • 28” side position height
  • 25” by 48” by ½”countertop
  • 22 ½” by 34 ¼” shelves
  • 2 ½” storage/transport depth

Volunteer Craft table:

  • 29” upright height
  • 37” side position height
  • 4’ by 5’by ½“countertop
  • 2’ by 3’ shelves
  • 2 ½” storage depth
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  • "For me, the height is a great feature for quilt cutting, landscape layouts, and keeping items away from our younger grandchildren’s hands. It is a good useful purchase.”  Carolyn O.
  • “It’s just the right height for extended work whether I am waxing skis in the garage or canning fall produce in the kitchen - a constant useful tool to have around.”  Kevin S.
  • "Love, love, love, I don’t know how I got along without it. Perfect size for cutting mat, storage for “WIP” projects.”  Jackie U.
  • “I have always found the Volunteer has excellent utility for many tasks. I’ve used it for display purposes, home maintenance, and reupholstering chair seats. I find that the level and its very clean surface is exceptional space for these activities. It travels very well in my vehicle under my luggage.” Duane E.



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